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If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

Since 2008

If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

Toilet Tank Lids

Currently we have an inventory of about 9,500 toilet tank lids. Believe it or not, there are thousands of different brand/model/color combinations that have been made over the years. While it might seem like a lid is a lid, they are all manufactured to fit a specific model toilet. Inventory adjusts immediately to what is in stock, so check back regularly if you don't see the one you want currently available, or contact us to see if there are other options. 


TEXT OR EMAIL A PHOTO - this is the fastest and easiest way to accurately identify which tank lid you need. The number for texting is in the upper left corner of every page in our logo. Otherwise with the Contact Us Tank and Lid Identification box you can send us your contact info and and any details you know about the toilet brand, model number, or measurements of the tank or lid (specify which you are supplying). We will receive an email with your info and reply back with either a link to the item you need or a request for you to send us photos or additional information. 

 Sometimes, customers do not care about an "exact match," they only need something that is "close enough." If you are in a bind and need a lid that is "close enough" I will attempt to provide you with options.

 All lids are cleaned, inspected, packed carefully in specially designed packaging to make sure it arrives safely, and shipped directly to you. We specialize in shipping toilet tank lids and tanks and have our packaging custom made to make sure you get the item safely. In the rare event an item arrives damaged, just contact us via email text or phone and we will confirm the next steps.