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If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

Wood Toilet Tank Lids

Dec 4, 2022

We provide extremely high quality wood toilet tank lids. They can be produced either with the natural wood grain showing as a show-piece for your bathroom decor, or they can be glazed with any color to match your existing toilet. Of course the vast majority will be glazed white as a replacement for your broken toilet tank top, but we can supply anything you want, whether it is a standard toilet color or a custom match to a color sample that you provide. 


Why are we producting wood toilet tank lids? There are so many different types of toilets going back over 100 years and dozens of manufacturers that it is impossible to have an original porcelain version of every one available in every color. Even for toilets that were just recently discontinued, these items are often hard to find. We provide an option so that you can keep your toilet and not replace it.


What about warping due to exposure to the water in the toilet tank? We use the highest cabinet grade quality Sapele wood from Africa. It is a hard wood and similar to the properties of Mahoghany, meaning it is moisture and warp resistant. This is not plywood or particle board or even the soft pine with lots of knots in it you would find at a local store. This is extremely high quality wood. 


You may even discover that these wood lids are better than the original porcelain lid that came with your toilet. We have had many customers over the years tell us about how they work in a childcare or nursing home and their residents will constantly knock the toilet tank lid off the toilet, cracking them. These can fall off and won't break. Put them in gas station or restaurant bathrooms where you don't have to worry about failing an inspection because one of your customers came in and broke the tank lid. These don't break. 


We also have customers who have told us about space constraints with their toilet. Maybe you bought a new toilet, or are doing some renovations in your current bathroom and the toilet you have is now just a little too high for a shelf that was installed. If there is 1/2" of space above the top of the tank we can custom design a thin lid to fit there. Most of our lids are made with wood that is 1" to 2" thick depending on what best matches the original lid, but we can always custom make one to meet your height requirements. 


You will be very pleased with this toilet tank lid in your bathroom. Whether you decide to get it simply polyurethaned to show the original wood grain or get it in white, bone, black, or any other color you need, it will look great on top of your toilet in replacement of your old toilet tank lid.