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If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

Since 2008

If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

Briggs Toilet Tank Lids

Briggs Plumbing porcelain toilet tank lids. 

Briggs is a reliable contractor grade product. They purchased/combined with Case at some point in their history, and a few of their items were made both for the brand Case and Briggs. They also have a sub-brand called ProFlo. Several ProFlo items are similar and interchangable with Briggs parts, such as the ProFlo 3112 tank with a Briggs 7469 lid. 

Briggs part numbers for tanks generally start with a 4, such as 4930. Toilet tank lids generally start with a 7, such as 7421. However, it appears that at one point Briggs manufactured the lid and tank under the same part number. Some Briggs 4930 tanks will have lids that are marked 4930 as well. This can be confusing when you are trying to find a match, but it will help knowing that you can search this site for tank or lid part number to find the right match.

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