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If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

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If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

Choosing the right color

Dec 4, 2022

First, if you are looking at a tank and don't see a color listed, that means we don't have it in stock in any color. Tanks will only display the colors that are available and none showing means it is out of stock.


If you're looking at this page you are trying to identify the color of your toilet, toilet tank, toilet seat, or toilet tank lid. Unfortunately there is no way for us to identify the color of any of these items with a photo. Photos can distort the color due to lighting conditions, camera settings, and monitor calibration. Even if you try to put the item up against something else in your house to show the contrast difference, we can't identify the color. There is no way around this. In almost all cases the manufacturer doesn't indicate the color anywhere on the product in any of their codes or letters. There are three options we have for identifying the color, and you can choose the one that works best for you. 


1. Bring a piece to a local plumbing supply or hardware store. They often have color charts or known items on their shelf that they can compare it to for proper color identification. If you go to Home Depot, the plumbing counter usually has multiple binders full of custom order products and sometimes in there is a color chart. Another option is to compare to the seats they have on display. They usually have white, bone/almond, and biscuit available for purchase in seats, and these colors should match up to the toilet color you are trying to identify. 


2. Order a color chart or color chips from us. Note the photos on our website are not reliable for accurate identification. It is best to order the color chart and see it in person. We have multiple charts available here:  


3. Mail us a sample of your toilet tank lid or a bolt cap from your toilet. The bolt cap covers the bolts that hold the toilet to the ground, and these will match the color of your toilet more often than not. If you send us a bolt cap we will ship it back to you when we identify the color and you order an item. No matter what we can custom match any color so don't fear that you won't get it back. If you mail us a piece of the broken lid, make sure the piece is at least 1 inch square. If your tank lid is not broken into pieces, it may be necessary for you to break a piece off. As long as we have the item you need in stock in ANY color, we can always reglaze that one to whatever color you need so there is no need to worry that you are breaking your lid and won't get a lid back from us. The safest way we know to break a piece off is to wrap the tank lid with a towel and hit it with a hammer. This will help keep pieces from flying everywhere. Mail the sample along with your contact information and the item you need to Cheap Toilet Tank Lids, 66 Moffitt Cove Road, Franklin NC 28734. Use a padded envelope or a box. Regular paper envelopes go through automated sorting equipment and the sample will be ripped from the envelope if it is not padded. Allow us a few days to contact you via phone, text, or email (whichever you prefer and indicate in your package) and we will identify the exact color you need. 


There is a very small possibility your toilet does have the color marked on it. Some manufacturers like American Standard may stamp with blue, black, or red ink the name of the color very faintly on the tank lid. They usually stamp it on the back of the lid (the thin long portion that comes in contact with the wall). If you have one of the few lids they mark, don't count on it being easy to read. They most often will do this for Biscuit, Linen, and sometimes Bone colored lids, but it is not a guarantee they will stamp it. Some are stamped on the underside of the lid, and it is often abbreviated. For example, Almond would be ALM, Biscuit would be BIS, Shell would be SHL. We have seen this on some American Standard lids and some Kohler lids, but it is not consistant and not limited to those manufacturers. 


We do have a few sample photos we've put together to try to show the color difference between White Bone and Biscuit, but it is still very hard to distinguish which one you need.


Here is another: 


Our best description of white is that it is not a bright white, it is a creamy white. White is the most common color, representing probably 80% of all toilets made. If in doubt, you most likely have a white toilet. White toilets are not as bright white as white appliances or white paper. 


Our best description of bone is that it is a light sandy tan, almondy color. Bone is the second most common color, and probably comprises only 10% of all toilets made. Bone is typically more expensive from the manufacturer so many contractors do not install it unless the customer requests it specifically.


Biscuit or linen is about halfway in between white and bone. Biscuit is fairly rare for most manufacturers. 


Shell is a very light pink color. It is very rare. 


If you choose the wrong color, there are a few options to get it corrected. You can mail us back the original item you purchased and we can either replace it with the color you need (which we will need to verify with some kind of sample in the return shipment), or we can reglaze it to the color you need and ship it back to you. You will be responsible for all shipping costs and reglazing costs applicable. Another option is Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon sell a bathtub reglazing kit. It is designed for adhering to porcelain, and is available in two colors as of now - white and bisque. Bisque is closest to bone, not biscuit (as of this writing - subject to change since it isn't our product). You may find it most economical to purchase this kit and reglaze it yourself. You may also want to contact a local bathtub reglazer and ask them to reglaze your tank top or tank the next time they do a bathtub in the same color. This will reduce the chances of damage during shipment and may speed up the process if they can work it in quickly.