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If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

Reglaze Tank to any Color - Mansfield

Reglaze Tank to any Color - Mansfield

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We can change the color of any toilet tank in stock to any other color. We use a material designed for reglazing bathtubs, so it is built for significantly more water exposure than a toilet tank will ever see, and can be cleaned with normal household cleaners and non-abrasive sponges. Do not use oil based cleaners on reglazed products. 

To order, 1. Add the tank you need to your cart in any color that is in stock.

2. Use this item to add the color you want the tank to be to your cart.

3. Checkout with both items. Once we receive your order we will take the original tank, reglaze it, and ship it out.

Reglazing takes 2-3 business days to complete. It will ship using the shipping method you select during checkout once it is complete.

It doesn't matter what color you select for the tank in step 1, as long as it is one we have in stock. The reglazing process will completely cover the original color. We use factory matched color standards. These color matches are designed to match the original manufacturers color, but do keep in mind that sometimes manufacturing variations occurred in the original production of your toilet, and your toilet may have been lighter or darker than the normal production. This is extremely rare, but does happen. In the event that your toilet was not a perfect match to the original standard color, we can custom match your toilet color, however the process is time consuming and expensive. This reglazing service we offer is to the manufacturers standard color. If custom matching is needed, you would be responsible for the costs of procuring the new custom matched material. 

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