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If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

Exchange Shipping - Toilet Tanks Only

Exchange Shipping - Toilet Tanks Only

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Purchase this item to return a toilet tank lid back to us for an exchange. By the end of the closest business day, we will email you a label from UPS which you can print and apply to the box.

There are several benefits to this versus shipping it back on your own. First, we are providing this at a discount to the cost you will incur if you go to UPS or FedEx or USPS and pay them directly, as we get a discount for shipping and are passing this along to you.

Second, if you ship it back with your own label, you are liable for its safe arrival back to us. If it arrives damaged, you would not be eligible for a refund and you would need to file a claim with whichever company you selected to ship it and hope they give you a refund. By using our label and packing the lid back up as it was shipped to you, we take the liability for the return and if it arrives back damaged we will handle any claims and it won't affect your exchange with us. 

Third, you do not have to wait in line at a store to handle the shipment. You will get the label in your email. Once you print it and apply it to the box, you can hand it off to any UPS driver or UPS store. If there is a line, you can just walk to the front, say "package is labeled and ready to go" and leave it on the counter. 

In the comments during checkout, add a note with your original order number or the name of the person it was shipped to so we can look up your original order to add the order number to the label. Also include the new item that you are returning it for. Example "Order 32759, Returning Kohler 1036375 Almond for Kohler 84252 Almond". 

NOTE: This option is not available to customers outside of the United States. International customers will need to return items at their own expense. Please include a note in the box indicating your original order number and the item you need. We will contact you when we receive it to collect payment for shipping the new item. 

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