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If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

Since 2008

If you need a photo that is not on the site, just ask.

About Us

Chances are you are visiting this site because you or someone you know broke a toilet tank lid. They are made out of porcelain ceramic, spend almost their entire life going unnoticed on top of the toilet water tank, and then one day somebody comes along and has to go messing with it. In my case someone at work thought they would be helpful and fix the toilet. They took off the lid and set it aside. Next thing you know, the lid, which was precariously set against the wall, slid down onto the cement floor and broke into many small and large pieces.

I got the delightful task of finding a replacement lid. So I probably did what you did. I looked in hardware stores. I asked around. Who ever thinks about where you find a toilet tank lid? Pretty much only people who have broken one. Then you realize that these things are hard to come by. I searched the internet and found out there are only two options: I could buy a new toilet, which would come with a new lid of course, or I could buy a replacement lid on the internet. Putting in a new toilet would require going to a store, picking one out, transporting two heavy boxes back to work, installing it, going back to the store to get an extra wax ring because I didn't buy one thick enough, possibly dealing with tile issues, hoping the water inlet pipe wasn't corroded and falling apart (and needing another trip to buy a replacement one of those), and on and on. Anything that sounds simple usually isn't, and the alternative is usually expensive. In this case, hiring a plumber would be at least $75, and they would want to install a toilet that they recommend and have already marked up the price. 

I created this site to share with everyone needing a replacement toilet tank lid at an affordable price. I secured a small supply of used toilet tank lids and built my business around providing people with a MUCH LOWER COST alternative of what I found online. These are genuine original parts from toilets.

I don't have every toilet tank lid, but I try to find as many as possible so that when you are looking for your lid, I will have it and be ready to ship it out the same business day.  The lids don't have any chips or cracks on top, but very rarely have a concealed chip or crack underneath that will not affect its performance. I just want to give people a better alternative to what I found when I went searching for a replacement toilet tank lid.