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Brand: Vortens
Manufacturer: SASATank P/N: 3412Rough-In: 12"Bolt Width: 5.75" Flush Valve Diameter: 2"Height including lid: 14.5"Gallons per Flush: 1.6This is a complete set including the tank, tank lid, trip lever, fill valve, flush valve, flapper, and bolts. Simply unhook your old tank, put this one in..
Brand: Vortens
Manufacturer: VortensTank P/N: 3412Rough-In: 12"Bolt Width: 5.75" Flush Valve Diameter: 2"Gallons per Flush: 1.6This is the tank only, no tank lid. Tank lid can be purchased separately under related items, or can be purchased as part of the Vortens complete tank setup under related items...
Brand: Vortens
Manufacturer: Proflo Tank P/N: 5112 Color: White Rough-In: 12" Bolt Width: 5.75"  Flush Valve Diameter: 2" Gallons per Flush: 1.6 This is a direct replacement for the Vortens 3464 tank. The 3464 is no longer available from the manufacturer so we have d..
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20 Dec Texting a photo
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Texting a Toilet Tank Lid Photo for Identification   Many times manufacture markings on toilets are hard to read, not useful, or missing completely. How do you determine which toilet tank or toilet tank lid you need? We can determine it for you in a very short time and let you know if it is an item we have in stock.   Identifying Toilet Tank Lids   Send a photo of both the top and underside of the broken lid. Make sure that the entire toilet tank top is in the photo. The edges and corners ..
31 May Choosing the Right Color
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First, if you are looking at a tank and don't see a color listed, that means we don't have it in stock in any color. Tanks will only display the colors that are available and none showing means it is out of stock.   If you're looking at this page you are trying to identify the color of your toilet, toilet tank, toilet seat, or toilet tank lid. Unfortunately there is no way for us to identify the color of any of these items with a photo. Photos can distort the color due to lighting conditions, ..
20 Dec How to Measure
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How to Measure a Toilet Tank or Toilet Tank Lid   Toilet Tank Lid Measurement   Start by flipping the lid upside down. Now measure the maximum distance you can find left to right. This may be towards the front, the back, or the middle of the lid, as all lids have different shapes. The most important thing is to measure it at its maximum on the underside. Repeat the process measuring front to back. These dimensions should be communicated in the format LL" x WW", for example 19.5" x 7.5". Try ..
27 Oct Buying a Toilet vs Replacing Toilet Tank Lid
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I will start off by saying it may sound biased reading about the benefits of replacing a toilet tank lid on a web site that makes its livlihood selling toilet tank lids. I urge you to do your own homework if you don't trust any of the information presented here. We sell toilet tank lids because we believe for many reasons it is the easiest and least expensive way to repair a toilet with a broken toilet tank lid.    Replacing a toilet yourself can be a very easy process when everthing goes perf..
18 Aug Wood Toilet Tank Lids
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We provide extremely high quality wood toilet tank lids. They can be produced either with the natural wood grain showing as a show-piece for your bathroom decor, or they can be glazed with any color to match your existing toilet. Of course the vast majority will be glazed white as a replacement for your broken toilet tank top, but we can supply anything you want, whether it is a standard toilet color or a custom match to a color sample that you provide.    Why are we producting wood toilet tan..