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Thanks for visiting. Your struggle to find an economical solution for your broken toilet lid on your old toilet is over. There are pages on this site that are helpful for everyone, regardless of how much you do or don't know about the tank top you need to replace.

EXAMPLE PHOTOS - Photos of dozens of toilet manufacture brands, and hundreds of unique models, with photos of the top and bottom of a representative lid to help you find the right lid. Dimensions are provided to compare to your broken lid. In the event the lid is no longer available for you to measure, dimensions are also provided of the tank so you can compare your tank dimensions.
COLOR CHARTS are available for a few manufacturers to show the color name and help you determine the correct color. Bone and White are often confused with each other. White is a creamy white for most manufacturers, and bone is a light sandy tan. Kohler calls bone "almond", and Eljer calls it "Natural". Most other manufacturers use the name bone. If you are unsure, your toilet is most likely white. OVer the years many colors in the full spectrum of pinks, blues, greens, browns, and more have been made, and we have many of them in stock.
CHECK AVAILABILITY of your lid by sending us some information about your toilet. There are often brands, models, and colors not listed on this website but sitting in our warehouse waiting to be shipped for your toilet. If you don't find the one you need shown in the example photos available for purchase, check to see if it is available. Your old toilet does not need to be replaced just because the lid is broken or missing. We have thousands of lids waiting to ship.
BUY NOW - Click here to go to our store where you can search easily for the lid that you need using a search bar, and then purchase it if it is available.

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